Intelligent quotation system

According to the traditional calculation method of material and labor cost,
simulate accumulated experience of more than 2000 sets of mold quotation,
input parts and molds,the characteristic request can carry on the mold intellectualized
cost accounting, helps the customer to control the cost, eliminates the price to be
falsely high, the quotation is accurate fast speed, transparent and reasonable price.


Project visual control

Project manager system management of the whole process from making plans,
manufacturing, handing over to after-sales service of molds. Industrial Internet
technology is used to link manufacturing process and process nodes should in
information system management. Real-time update and short message notification of
the manufacturing process to control error-prone points Ensure quality and delivery,
reduce cost and improve customer service experience.


Mold big data design

The cloud factory will keep the design data of each successfully developed mold in the cloud,
and has accumulated more than 2000 copies the successful cases of mold design above are
classified and stored in the cloud and learned through cloud storage technology.
Big data simulation analysis and comparison design between the new model design and
the cloud case base improve mold design reliability, shield design defects, less detours.


Intelligent digital matching processing

Cloud factory carries out cloud monitoring for mould manufacturing equipment,
and parts processing automatically matches spare capacity according to production schedule.
The programming data can be remotely uploaded, downloaded and controlled,
and the processing status can be monitored in real time.
Solve the traditional enterprise processing capacity bottleneck and processing confusion,
ensure the quality of mold processing and delivery.