(1) Design capacity: Mold cloud factory has 160-3500t die-casting mold design experience and manufacturing capacity, and the design mold covers automobile parts, lighting, tools, ships, civil machinery and other fields.
(2) Design standards: Mold cloud factory sets standards for mold materials, oil cylinders, cooling pipes, interface marks, etc. During the design execution, we will carry out mold design according to the standards of customer requirements, to improve the standardized manufacturing efficiency and manufacturing accuracy, so as to facilitate subsequent assembly and maintenance.
(3) Design review: The cloud factory attaches great importance to the design of the casting and cooling system, and applies the legitimate flow-3d mold FLOW software to simulate the rationality of the design for each pair of molds. Combined with the team's actual combat experience, it focuses on the review of the parts' forming accuracy, stability, pass rate and production cycle.
(4) Design verification:During mold test, experts in die casting process debugging carry out comparison of design parameters with the field trial production, record the production beat, pressure, speed and aluminum temperature, and carry out three-coordinate full-size detection of parts, and test the defects of parts required by air holes.
(5) Mould summary: After the completion of mold sample delivery, the project manager will organize the person in charge of design, production, quality and mold testing to summarize the problems encountered in the mold development process and solutions, summarize the problems and keep the final data to the cloud for learning.

Design team
One engineering design team with more than 20 years of experience in mould 
Mould design
Each set of mould is strictly reviewed, ensure the quality of it.